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Dough bags with veal and pork, with broth, seasoned…

Хіт меню

Stuffed Mushrooms

Caps of champignons roasted with Georgian cheese

  • Гриби
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  • Сир
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Adjarian khachapuri

Closed hachapuri in the form of a crescent stuffed…

  • Борошно
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  • Сир
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  • Яйця
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Roast chicken thigh, dressed with garlic -cream sauce, served…


Traditional spicy and hearty tomato soup with boiled veal,…


Hearty soup with chicken shin, coriander and parsley, thickened…

Pork Barbecue

Classic barbecued pork served with pickled onion

Lula kebab

Grilled veal and pork with spices, served with pickled…


Stewed veal with vegetables (onions, tomatoes, bell pepper). served…


Gozinaki with honey and walnuts


Roasted pork neck with bell pepper and potatoes, dressed…

Eggplant Phali

Traditional Georgian appetizer with fried chopped eggplant dressed with…


Georgian dessert with grape juice and raisins thickened with…

Georgian salad

Traditional Georgian salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, dressed…

Vegetable plate

The plate with fresh chopped cucumber, tomato, bell pepper,…

Plate of pickles

tomato, cucumber, pickled cabbage head, greens

Cheese plate

Sliced brynza and suluguni, served with parsley and honey

Khachapuri Guruli

Closed hachapuri in the form of a crescent stuffed…


Loaf with chopped pork and veal, seasoned with spices,…

Warm Salad

Stewed vegetable salad: beans, carrots, cabbage, onions, bell pepper,…

Megrelian khachapuri

Closed round loaf stuffed with Imereti cheese

Grilled Mackerel

Grilled Mackerel, served with lemon

Chicken kebab

Kebab from chicken fillet. Served with pickled onions